International Transpersonal Conference Prague 2017

Prague International Transpersonal Conference 2017

The recognition of the therapeutic use of psychedelics, shamanism, and other tools for introspection and growth has reached international levels. This September, Prague will host one of the largest international conferences in support of psychedelic science and transpersonal education. In a beautiful meeting of the minds, this conference will host over 30 speakers from all over the world including Holotropic Breath work developer Stanislav Grof, visionary artist Alex Grey, MAPS founder Rick Doblin, and psychedelic researcher Charles Grob.

In addition to the wide array of speakers, there will be a pre-conference Holotropic Breathwork workshop, and for those of you who have never tried it, it is a pretty spectacular experience!

This transpersonal assembly will be characterized by series of lectures, panel discussions, and experiential workshops all with the common goal of bringing together the transpersonal community, supporting global ideas around freedom, understanding, and transpersonal research, and presenting current findings within various fields of psychedelic research, consciousness studies, and shamanic healing. This conference is definitely one not to miss!

For more information, check out their website. Early bird tickets have been extended through the end of June, and there are scholarships and student discounts available. Get your tickets here!