Exploring Psychedelics Conference 2017 in Ashland

Just got back from the Exploring Psychedelics Conference in Ashland!

We are so grateful for Martin Ball for producing the 4th year of the Exploring Psychedelic Conference in Ashland, OR. He single-handedly produced the entire conference AND made it free to the public! GOOD JOB MARTIN! We particularly appreciated the ample time given to the topic of 5-MeO-DMT!

We want to give a special note on a talk by Tom and Sheri Ekert, founders of the Oregon Psilocybin Society, who are spearheading an exciting initiative in Oregon called the Psilocybin Service Initiative (PSI) -- an evolving blueprint which, with adequate support, could emerge as a ballot initiative during Oregon's general election cycle in 2020. If passed, the measure would create access to regulated Psilocybin Service in Oregon. VERY EXCITING!

Martin will be releasing the talks on his podcast, the Entheogenic Evolution, in the coming months. Check out the list of speakers and talks:

Exploring Psychedelics Conference martin ball ashland oregon
Martin Ball Exploring Psychedelics Conference Ashland

Martin Ball, conference producer, host of the Entheogenic Evolution podcast, author, musician, and artist, welcomes everyone to the conference.



Rak Razam, director of Aya Awakening and Shamans of the Global Village and host of the In a Perfect World podcast, waxes poetic about 5-MeO-DMT.


Caitlin Thompson entheozen exploring psychedelic conference ashland

Caitlin Thompson, creator of Entheozen Supplements and producer of Aware Project San Diego, speaks on treating autoimmune diseases with psychedelics.