Share your Stories

art by   zenxienz

art by zenxienz

“There is no greater agony than
bearing an untold story inside you.”
- Maya Angelou

The best reminder for why you’re traveling the path you’re on right now is to revisit the steps that got you here. Just as dreams can slip away unless we write them down and come back to them every so often, so too can even our most life-changing psychedelic experiences. Not only that, but by putting our stories out into the world, we can move from personal inspiration into global transformation. We’d love for you to share your stories of how psychedelic have changed your life and inspired you to become an agent of change.

For those with few places left to turn, a story can clear a path. Many psychedelic stories are mostly interesting trip reports, but we’re interested in hearing the full journey, from what instigated and led you to your trip, the revelations, and the ways in which not only your life has changed for the better, but how you have felt called to improve the world around you after your experience. In doing so, you will inspire more curiosity and allow others to build atop the foundation you lay. It can be difficult to engage others over such a controversial topic, especially for those not “out of the closet” about their usage of these substances, we respect our community to share anonymously.

These experiences remind us that change is possible, both inside and out. We all can be agents of change, influencing our culture and the collective conscious, by simply sharing your experience with the world, you are helping to shift the public’s perception of psychedelics, inspire others to share and enact change, and possibly even saving lives.


Share your story and be an ambassador for the mindful use of psychedelics. We will post your stories in our blog and some of our favorite quotes on social media.