Integration Services

[Southern California and Remote Counseling]

InnerSpace Integration is a network of credentialed therapists, coaches, and healers that is committed to supporting individuals with their personal transformation, empowering them with useful tools, and easing the process of integration back into daily life after impactful psychedelic experiences.


  • Community Integration Circles
  • Weekly Small Group Intensive Series
  • One-On-One Counseling
  • Network of Support Providers


[USA and Canada]

Psychedelic Support is committed to bring individual and global transformation through sharing of knowledge and connection to resources.

We saw a need for better connection to therapeutic care related to use of psychedelics and set out to use our skills, connections, and the internet to give greater visibility to practices and programs of professionals working in this field. We aim for this global web-based platform to be a guidepost for trusted care and evidence-based information.

[New York City]

The Center for Optimal Living provides innovative, personalized treatment, based on Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, for individuals and families with substance use issues, other risky or addictive behaviors, and a wide range of mental health issues.

[Northern California and Remote Counseling]

In addition to being a news source for the latest psychedelic research, Psychedelic Times offer a variety of psychedelic therapy services to support you on your journey. As recovery coaches, the co-founders of Psychedelic Times have fifteen years of experience with psychedelics and three years of studying psychedelic therapy. They have firsthand experience with the struggles and tragedies of addiction as well as the beneficial role that psychedelics can play in turning a person’s life around. Read more about our services to find which one is the right fit for you.

[Remote Counseling]

Our Integration coaching is a peer support service to help you begin to integrate your experience — either by creating a safe space for you to share your experience or by offering education and support through our professional and personal experiences. Joe and Kyle both have extensive experience working with non-ordinary states of consciousness through participating in and facilitating breathwork workshops.

[East Coast]

The mission of The Aftercare Project is to offer a structured safety net for those participants who need more than what is available through the retreat center. We will connect them with an understanding therapist, and help our partners to develop integrative techniques and training protocols to support both participants and their caregivers, as they move forward on their healing journey.

[San Francisco Bay Area]

The Integration Circle is a group of counselors and licensed therapists that offers educational workshops, resources, and community for integrating psychedelic experiences.

At The Integration Circle, we aim to create a bridge to synthesize modern western psycho-spiritual modalities with ancient indigenous and eastern healing practices in order to maximize the healing potential of entheogenic experiences. 

The Spiritual Emergence Network

[Remote Counseling]

The Spiritual Emergence Network provides individuals that are experiencing difficulties with psychospiritual growth a therapist referral and support service that is staffed by trained graduate students. In a culture which has not understood issues surrounding spiritual development, the gift of being heard and understood by a knowledgeable and supportive listener can be life-altering. We can provide referrals to licensed mental health care professionals (often in the caller’s area) who may be of ongoing assistance. All members of SEN’s National Referral Directory are licensed and insured and specialize in or have been trained to deal with many psychospiritual issues.

[Remote Counseling]

Being True to You provide addiction recovery coaching to teens, young adults, and parents developed as the long-term continuum of care over the 1 to 3 years it takes to transcend addiction. BTTY recognizes the transformational power of entheogenic plant medicines as tools for healing, resolution, and growth.


Millions of people have had a psychedelic experience at some point in their life. Without support it can be challenging to understand and incorporate these experiences. The MAPS Psychedelic Integration List is a resource of individuals and organizations in the mental health field who help people integrate past psychedelic experiences. MAPS does not screen or endorse those who are listed. Rather, these are professionals who identify as being knowledgeable in non-ordinary states of consciousness and who understand the importance of integration.

[San Francisco and Remote]

ERIE meets monthly hosting educational events and is developing protocol and techniques to assist individuals with their entheogenic integration of transpersonal experiences. Meetings are open to anyone who aligns with ERIE's mission.

[Boulder, Colorado]

Medicinal Mindfulness is a grassroots consciousness company educating and supporting individuals and communities who choose to use cannabis and psychedelics with intention. Our approach is Transpersonally aligned and somatically oriented. In addition, we sponsor and organize educational community events such as the Psychedelic Shine Speaker Series and teach a facilitator and guidework training program called Psychedelic Sitters School.