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Our Mission


Our aim is to balance the public conversation about psychedelics, spread accurate information, and give a new face to psychedelia.

We feel that this change will occur through connection and relationship, one individual at a time.

We are calling on everyone whose lives have been improved through the mindful use of psychedelics to educate themselves and become ambassadors for the psychedelic experience. Show those around you that people who use psychedelics mindfully cross all social, racial, economic, and political boundaries.



We produce events in Southern California to learn from prominent community members and engage in dialogue about the mindful use of psychedelics. 

We host and co-host three event series:



Scroll down to learn more about our monthly lecture series.


Bicycle DaY - Los Angeles


Learn more about our local annual celebration of the discovery of LSD.


Psychedelic Integration Services

Learn more about local psychedelic integration services from our sister organization.

We are creating a connected and educated community that feels passionately about balancing the conversation about psychedelics.

Event Calendar


(Don't see any events on the calendar? Sometime it's slow to load. You can also find out about upcoming events on Facebook and our Los Angeles and San Diego Meetup groups)


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