From Shock to Awe: A journey of hope and transformation

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From Shock to Awe:  A journey of hope and transformation

Join us for a special screening of From Shock to Awe co-hosted by the Aware Project and LAMPS with Q&A to follow.
Screens in 20+ theaters across the US and followed by a live streamed Q&A with cast and filmmakers. The project has the potential to be more than a movie. Cutting across political and socio-economic boundaries, the documentary illustrates a sympathetic and effective way psychedelics can help address PTSD plaguing veterans. Our goal of positive social change goes beyond veterans, and looks to address some of our nation's most pressing mental health issues (e.g. opioid addiction and suicide epidemic).
From Shock to Awe asks ‘how do we heal our deepest wounds?’ An intimate and raw look at the transformational journey of two combat veterans suffering from severe trauma as they abandon pharmaceuticals to seek relief from the mind-expanding world of psychedelics. Recent scientific research coupled with a psychedelic renaissance reveals that these substances can be used to heal PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) for individuals and their families. Beyond the personal stories, FSTA also raises fundamental questions about war, the pharmaceutical industry, and the US legal system.

Q & A PANEL SPEAKERS moderated by Ashley Booth
Brad Adams received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology at USC and is currently working in cancer research at the UCLA Medical Center.  He is the Founder of the Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS), and was the Chair of the first ever Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium (LAPSS) Planning Committee. He collaborated with Drs. Charles Grob and Dennis McKenna on a pilot study entitled, Ayahuasca, Psychiatric Distress, and the Meaning of Life: Results from a Pilot Study in Peru, which is currently being prepared for publication.  His prior work in the field of Gerontology research (focusing on a stress-appraisal-coping-outcome model with Japanese-American, African-American, Mexican American and Anglo-American spousal caregivers for persons with Alzheimer’s Disease) was the impetus for creating a fund to study the effects of plant medicines on the course of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Dave Dequeljoe is a former Navy fighter pilot with two combat tours to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was awarded the Navy Commendation with Combat “V” device for valor and an Air Medal with Individual star device for the heroic low altitude rescue of U.S. Special Operations Forces from an overwhelming advancing armor column. Dave also was awarded two Strike Flight Air Medals, and his squadron won the Battle “E” for excellence in sustained combat sorties. Transitioning home after debilitating injuries sustained from an inverted flat spin ejection, Dave became an entrepreneur and has owned several businesses, receiving multiple awards for positive culture and leadership before disaster struck.

Joseph is the Director of Clinical Assessment and Research at Crossroads Treatment Center. He completed his PhD in clinical psychology at Fuller Graduate School and Seminary in Pasadena, CA. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology and aging at the West Los Angeles Veteran’s Healthcare Center and his clinical training at UCLA and the University of Southern California (USC). He specializes in treating individuals with eating disorders, addiction, and trauma. He is published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals and his current research interests include psychedelic psychotherapy, neuropsychology and aging.

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