Kratom: The Download with Lauren LaRose & Amalesh Parajuli


2018 May 16: We were excited to learn more about this amazing plant from Lauren LaRose & Amalesh Parajuli!

Kratom: The Download with Lauren LaRose & Amalesh Parajuli

Kratom (Mytragina speciosa), a tree native to Southeast Asia has a rich history of traditional use as a panacea throughout the region. Kratom’s beneficial effects have proven themselves as a staple amongst laborers to promote productivity and engaged focus on their craft. As well as a traditional remedy in alleviating pain, fatigue, diarrhea, malaria, boosting sexual performance, and mood, users claim it provides a sense of well being, calm, and glowing comfort. Kratom has gained popularity in our modern world as an alternative to opioid pain management. Given the current opioid crisis and the benefits of Kratom, our intention is to share information and our experiences with this powerful plant ally.

Lauren LaRose Bio:
A Native Texan, Lauren now makes Los Angeles her home. Lauren LaRose spends her days as an implementation project manager in Education Technology and has been an underground house music DJ for 20 years. Lauren's favorite parts of living in LA are the strong community and the rich variety of natural healing modalities. Having earned respect for Kratom, Lauren has had great success while gaining knowledge of this plant medicine.

Amalesh Parajuli Bio:
Native to Nepal and raised in Portland, Amalesh moved to Los Angeles in 2016 with a passion for rock climbing, nature, healing, cannabis, music, and of course - Kratom. He is currently honing his horticultural craft working on a cannabis farm and feels strongly about bringing more informed awareness and less stigma to the conversation around plant medicine. He has used Kratom for the last 7 years to cope with a wide variety of issues and has lots of experience to draw from, navigating both its risks and benefits.