Manifesting Visions: Extended-State DMT and TransCannabis Research with Daniel McQueen


2017 August 17: Daniel McQueen traveled from Boulder to share his research, insight, and empathy on extended-state DMT, cannabis, and building a psychedelic community.

TALK TITLE: Manifesting Visions: Extended-State DMT and TransCannabis Research

In partnership with The Psychedelic Integration Coach, we were thrilled to host Daniel McQueen in the friendly and familiar atmosphere of Collective HQ in Culver City. Daniel led us through a deep and far-ranging presentation on his work and what it will take to achieve the psychedelic breakthroughs he has in mind. The talk included scientific information, a four-quadrant approach to building a psychedelic community, and some of the challenges and rewards this path entails. We closed out with a stylish and emotionally charged performance from the poet Jade Cruz Quinn and guitarist Patrick Smith.

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Daniel McQueen, MA, is the Executive Director of Medicinal Mindfulness in Colorado and the Principal Organizer for the Medicinal Mindfulness Extended-State DMT research project. He teaches a psychedelic facilitators training program called Psychedelic Sitters School. He is currently developing an Applied Psychonautics Training Program to train volunteer psychonauts for future Extended-State DMT research, and is working with a team of researchers to develop an advanced healing protocol using cannabis and breathwork for the treatment of PTSD and trauma.


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