Right Relationship with Plants Is Right Relationship with Life

I.AM.LIFE panel discussion

2017 July 6: We have loved having the I.AM.LIFE tea house at our salons over the past few months and it was so great to pull these young leaders in the community out to share more about what they do and why they do it. 

TALK TITLE: Right Relationship with Plants Is Right Relationship with Life

In this panel discussion, leaders from the I.AM.LIFE community come together to discuss how to walk in right relationship with self, other and the world through honoring plants, elders, and indigenous cultures. Topics may include Drugs vs. Medicine; Commentaries on What is and What is not Right Relationship with Sacred Plants and Indigenous Culture; the Neo-Tribal Renaissance and New Rites of Passage; the importance of ritual, ceremony and community for right relationship with sacred plants; Inter-generational dialogue and What is I.AM.LIFE.

I.AM.LIFE is a non-profit event production organization that combines elements of life-affirming art, music, activism, education, community building and media through ritual and ceremony, to create immersive, transformational experiences of interconnectivity and authenticity. Our events are created from and rooted in an appreciation of the Eagle-Condor Prophecy (merging of Western and non-Western/Indigenous Worldviews) to restore a sense of communal relations with the Sacred. www.iamlifeproject.org