Kambo: The Full Story

Aware Project Kambo Bryce Draper

2017 May 10

TITLE: Kambo: The Full Story


In this talk we will discuss the history of Kambo, its uses in shamanism, and its recent rise in modern western practicalities. We will discuss both the spiritual and scientific realms of this Amazon frog medicine, as well as the right use. We’ll also discuss Kambo Healing Me, and their mission to use Kambo to change the world and aid the coming age of enlightenment. Many people fear this medicine’s intensity, but ultimately we will show how gentle the frog can be. This talk will clarify any misinformation to bring you the truth about what’s happening in the Kambo world.



Bryce Draper has been working with Kambo for over 6 years, and personally uses it weekly. He has administered the medicine safely to over 2,000 people, some with severe health issues, and has trained with the Matses tribe, the Huni Kuin, and several master practitioners. To begin his intense training, he spent an entire year only serving Kambo to himself, developing a deep relationship with this medicine. He combines indigenous traditions with Chinese energy meridians, to strategically target emotional, mental, energetic, and physical blocks. Bryce has served Kambo in several rehabilitation centers throughout the US, and does several group and private sessions weekly in the LA area. He lives happily with his wife, and is creating the first Kambo organization that will protect the frogs, tribes, and Amazon: Kambo Healing Me.


Aware Project

Los Angeles, CA