Navigation with Entheogens

Navigation with Entheogens Sweatlodge Native American Church

Navigation from traditional indigenous spiritual practice to millennial experientialism with entheogens.


This talk will address observation and discussion of advantages and disadvantages this generation is facing when it comes to entheogenic use.


David Warren GoodKnife Fire Chief SDN is a Veteran Sundancer, Pipe carrier, Peyotist, Lead ceremonialist of Assembly of the Divine Healing Sacrament NAC (Native American Church) and Activist. David has close to 3 decades of Ceremony, on and off the reservation. Apprenticeship with traditional elders, combined learning and teachings that include understandings derived from both, western therapeutic models as well as indigenous spiritual practices, including use of traditional Plant Medicine. “David’s ability to translate the ancient wisdom and ceremonies of the Lakota people into the modern western world is a gift that few people possess.” Steve Moore MFT
“The most striking attributes are his humility, dedication, sincerity and ability to motivate others to seek a higher consciousness”. Sharon Manuelito, LMSW, Dine’