Micro-Flood Dosing Iboga With Cannabis

Micro-Flood Dosing Iboga With Cannabis aware project

2017 December 12: We were thrilled to have something a bit different this month, friend of the community, Greg Lawrence, shared some of his findings doing some "citizen science" combining microdose boga with cannabis.

Micro-Flood Dosing Iboga With Cannabis: Piercing the Veil Between the Conscious and Subconscious

Iboga, the powerful plant teacher that allows you to view yourself and your life from a detached state, has traditionally been used two ways: The first is flood dosing, a 24-72 hour process requiring consumption of significant amounts of the medicine and supervision by an experienced healer, facilitator, or sitter. During a flood dose participants are mostly immobile as they experience powerful visions and insights. This is sometimes referred to as a “life review” or “defrag.” The second option is microdosing, in which much smaller amounts of Iboga are consumed over time in hopes of eventually experiencing some of its natural antidepressant, introspective and neuroplastic effects. There is, however, a third way of working with this powerful medicine which seems to have been largely overlooked: By combining relatively small amounts of Iboga with cannabis, individuals can have an experience similar to a flood dose without being immobilized for long periods. Thoughts, patterns, behaviors, habits and life experiences can be viewed from a completely objective point of view, providing the opportunity to make significant and lasting changes in one’s life.

Greg Lawrence started experimenting with psychedelics starting in his late teens. When he started using “hard drugs” however, his life spiraled so far out of control that he walked away from both drugs and plant medicines in his late 20’s. Personal tragedy turned his life upside-down nearly three years ago and he once again turned to plant medicines and entheogens to deal with his grief, and with childhood trauma that had been lurking in the background for nearly forty years. Now an active member of the southern California plant medicine community with a passion for personal development, Greg credits psychedelics, traditional psychotherapy and personal coaching with helping him to transform his life. Strongly called to work with Iboga but unable to undergo a flood dose due to medical considerations, he decided to try microdosing and discovered by chance that “stacking” cannabis with Iboga could produce a powerful psycho-spiritual experience. He now considers Iboga to be the most important plant medicine he has worked with.

Greg shared a reading from the book, Heart Medicine by E. Bast. We love this book about a couples struggle with addition, iboga medicine, and the strength of their love.