Vision Becomes Reality: the making of a legal MDMA therapist

Shannon Carlin MAPS psychedelic MDMA

2017 November 15: Dear friend and colleague Shannon Clare Carlin shared the herculean effort some have dedicated themselves to to making MDMA a legal medicine.

An update on the portfolio of MAPS-sponsored clinical trials, paving the way for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to become a legal prescription medicine. Hundreds of trained providers will be needed once this treatment is approved, find out how to become a legal MDMA therapist.

Shannon Clare Carlin received her Master’s Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2014, including a practicum working with youth on moderation management for drug and alcohol use. At MPBC Shannon serves as Therapy Training Program Manager, overseeing administration and program development to educate professionals and researchers to provide MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD in approved settings. Shannon is committed to psychedelic harm reduction, providing integration services through the Zendo Project. She served as co-therapist on the MAPS-sponsored Phase 2 trial researching MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with life-threatening illness, and will be a co-therapist at the Phase 3 site in Los Angeles, researching MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for severe PTSD.