Entheogenic Medicine and Addiction


2016 November 16:

For our 3rd event in San Diego, we were honored to host friend, Charles Johnston to the Psychedelic Awareness Salon. His story of transformation, commitment to service, and wisdom inspired all of us. 


Entheogenic Medicine, Addiction, and Integration: Reshaping the Self with Practical Spirituality


A discussion detailing observations from personal experience with IV drug addiction, 4 years of continuous work on the front lines of addiction, and moving forward into the future of what addiction treatment will develop into. Understanding how to help catalyze and integrate a spiritual change utilizing plant and animal medicines and practically applying the tools and understandings with self-reflexivity and objectivity.


Charles is a psychedelic entrepreneur who has worked in the field of primarily Ibogaine by developing centers around the use of entheogens and spiritual growth. Having been raised Mormon and not encountering his first entheogen or any type of induced mind altering state until his early twenties, there has been a radical transformation since that first psilocybin trip. He has a BA in Anthropology from UCLA where his academic studies coincided with deep interpersonal work as he was fortunate enough to experience a 3-year drug addiction to heroin and cocaine which again completely reshifted his worldview. That addiction was then absolved 4 years ago with the use of Ibogaine in Mexico and since then he has continued to advocate and make accessible the use of entheogens for overcoming addiction.

Plant medicine and self-discovery are the two paramount interests in his life today. Most recently he has created and runs an integration space for people who undergo Ibogaine detox and need further integration work after the normal 7-day treatment (


). Combining tools of yoga, meditation, living medicines, and proper life education he believes the addiction model is in urgent need of some changes and is doing so on a daily basis with his students.