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2016 January 12: 

We are thrilled to be hosting our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Psychedelic Awareness Salons in Los Angeles! Our speaker will be Sitaramaya Sita, the producer of recent plant medicine conference in LA, Visionary Convergence!


PlantWisdom Shamanism - Dietas and Healing with Master Plants in Shipibo Ayahuasca Shamanism, a North American Urban Field Report


Healing with, and learning from, ”Master Plants” is a cornerstone of Shipibo ayahuasca shamanism. This talk reports on the use of dietas and other traditional Shipibo practices in urban North America including discovering and dieting Master Plants native or local to California. As stewarded by practitioners trained in the Shipibo shamanic tradition, using methods adapted from the native jungles of Peru, dieters have experienced physical, mental, and spiritual healing, clearing, alignment, transformation, and expansion. Specific results experienced by dieters across short-term and long-term timeframes include relief of physical conditions such as asthma, reproductive disorders, and clinical depression. In working with traditional dietas and ayahuasca practices, a body of folk knowledge has been gathered, which has informed our ongoing adaptation and cultivation of traditional practices for contemporary communities. ©2014, 2015 Sitaramaya Sita, PlantTeachers


Sita is a PlantWisdom Practitioner trained in the Shipibo tradition. She shepherds a powerful community in Los Angeles and globally, of healers, seekers, visionaries and creators. She works with individuals and groups, in ceremony, events, lectures and tours to bridge the chaos of modern life and the wisdom of the indigenous spiritual practice. She produced the ground breaking event - Visionary Convergence - Los Angeles in September 2015. Talks and a short documentary from this event is forthcoming. Sita’s innate love of adventure has led her on an inner journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness facilitated largely by the richness of the plant kingdom. The resulting insight into what exists outside of consensus reality informs her teaching in a world with an unconscious emphasis on accumulation of the material.

Over the last 20 years, Sita has founded several organizations and events including PlantTeachers, Conscious Path Creation and Quantum Path Creation. She conducts innovative healing journeys around the world and is the organizer and founder of the Convergence conferences. Sita’s commitment to deep ecology has led to the development of "Fundo Sitaramaya," a preservation project of privately-held Amazonian land to steward and protect old growth trees, waterways and rainforest flora and fauna.


Spoken word poet,

Rachel Kann

, will be gracing the Aware Project stage again to share some of her inspiring poetry!