Science of God

Psychedelic Awareness Salon, Aware Project

2015 December 15: ONE YEAR OF SALONS!!!! We are thrilled to be hosting our 12th consecutive month of Psychedelic Awareness Salons in Los Angeles! AND we will be bringing the salon for the first time to DOWNTOWN LA! As if that was not exciting enough, we will be hosting Zach LEARY as our speaker!

Title: The Science of God: Technology and the fusion with psychedelic spirituality

Join Zach Leary as he will talk about his experiences with psychedelic spirituality and how it’s effected not only his life but how it can also be found in the realm of technological evolution. Zach will weave together tales from his many paths and life experiences he’s had over the years mixed with the things he’s been taught. From yoga to psychedelics all the way to technology and politics, Zach will try to bring awareness to some of the big issues facing our fragile yet amazing eco system. Rather than give finite answers, Zach will hopefully inspire the listener on new and more meaningful ways to view each other combined with an everyday approach to opening the heart. All of that is then mixed with a passion at exploring our evolutionary collective consciousness that will lead to the individual coming up with their own answers.

Bio: Zach is a seasoned digital marketer, an infrequent blogger and writer and the co-host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast. Zach is also a practitioner of bhakti yoga as taught by his guru Neem Karoli Baba. Through the practice of bhakti he has found keys that unlock doorways that allow the soul to experience it’s true nature of being eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. In addition to bhakti yoga, Zach has been influenced by many different methods and traditions ranging from trans-humanism and hatha yoga to buddhism and psychology. But above all he believes first and foremost in his gurus teaching that “love is the strongest medicine.” And last but not least, Zach has been highly influenced by his father, the legendary Timothy Leary.

Also at our December event, Benny Wills performs his poem "Bill Lost His Memory."