Navigating Inner Space

2015 Jul7 20: We are so grateful to have Meriana come down to visit us from San Francisco! She gave an excellent talk at the Women's Visionary Congress in June on valuable tools to navigate the psychedelic landscape (

Psychotherapist and Ayahuasca retreats organizer Meriana Dinkova will share some cutting edge neo-shamanistic and psychological inner-space navigation tools to enrich your psychonaut toolkit and empower your inner shaman. These techniques can be used in non-ordinary states of consciousness in general, and are especially effective for optimizing the Ayahuasca experience. You will learn ways to maximize the learning and healing potential of psychedelic experiences, as well as ways to recognize and avoid some common pitfalls. Some of the tools she teaches are for personal and interpersonal healing and for spiritual transformation, and others are specifically designed to facilitate integration.

For a lot of people experiencing Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful and meaningful experience of their lives, and on the other hand in most ceremonies people are not given any map and any guidance about how to be with it. The approach is often throwing people straight into deep water with the hope that they will learn to swim. A lot of them do, but many get scared, without knowing how to deal with the potentially difficult experiences that can come up. Meriana’s system will teach you practical techniques to help you swim in the waters of the shamanic realms.

She gives lectures and teaches workshops in the US around the world, speaking about her system ‘Navigating Altered States’ at conferences and festivals including the International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Peru, The Womens Visionary Congress in California, the Breaking Convention in London, the Tantra Festival in Hawaii and the Envision festival in Costa Rica. For people, who want to learn her system, but can’t make it to one of her retreats, Meriana also offers Skype sessions on preparation and integration for working with Ayahuasca and other plant teachers. For more info about her upcoming Peru retreats go to: