Interview with Bryce Draper from Kambo Healing Me

Bryce Draper Kambo Healing Me

by Shoshana Luria

Before his talk at the Aware Project next week, we asked Bryce Draper about how he got introduced to Kambo and the path that has lead him to become a practitioner.

Q: What originally drew you to the Kambo medicine?

A: It was offered at the first Ayahuasca ceremony I attended in New York after returning from the Jungle. They didn't explain a lot about it, but I trusted all medicines after what I experienced in Peru. I had no idea it would transform my life immediately. 


Q: What do you think are some of the common public misconceptions that surround Kambo

A: There are two things. One common misconception is that the medicine is too intense This isn’t true, It's a very gentle medicine that brings a lot of beautiful sensations. It gives you time to connect with it, before your own body begins kicking out toxins you’ve been carrying your whole life. Your own toxins don't feel good. The Kambo feels great. The purging becomes easier the more you work with the medicine. The second is that everyone who has gone to a training course to serve Kambo is qualifiedWho decided these self appointed training courses? Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to become a Kambo practitioner, for the most part signing your name and paying money does the trick. Many practitioners don’t fuse their energy with the frogThe facilitator should be well versed with Kambo. I don't know the exact amount, but I didn't even consider serving Kambo until I had done it over 150 times. The strongest hunter takes Kambo even several times a week. All other hunters receive from him and his energy in order to maximize their experience. 


Q: How has Kambo influenced your personal growth and transformation? 

A: It has helped me with everything. Really, everything. It is the Ganesh of all medicines and removed obstacles in my path. It has made me more open and able to perceive energies. I am aware and can see through people to the core. It has helped me manifest things in real timeUnlike other medicines that take time to process, Kambo is much more precise in the information and healing it provides. I have made immediate life shifts after Kambo such as getting married, changing careers for my higher good, and clearing unwanted relationships. It has allowed me true happiness. My hormones are balanced, I have more energy, sleep less, I haven't been sick in years, I don't get involved with drama and stay focused on real issues. I am vibrating at a more optimal frequency. 


Q: How do you think the popularity of Kambo will pave the way for the legalization of other healing medicines?

A: I think that the popularity and science behind Kambo will inspire people to be more open to trying this medicine and experiencing it for themselves. From having their own first hand healing from Kambo, I think people will be more trusting in what we call "alternative medicines". There's a reason Kambo has been around from the beginning of time. It works and heals the mind, body, and spirit as a whole, vs, targeting symptoms or even "disease". It accesses the root of suffering. 


Q: What are some of the upcoming projects you are working on in relation to Kambo? 

A: There are many projects in the works. One is a clinic in Los Angeles that will offer Kambo along with other alternative and natural healing modalities. I am starting a large crowdfunding to purchase land for the tribes. We will work WITH the tribes, empowering and protecting them, meanwhile creating an area that will serve as a place where this medicine can be ethically sourced and harvested I am training practitioners the right way with a rigorous and lengthy program, beyond any training course out there. I have 5 films and TV series about Kambo and other medicines, being presented in a big budget, mainstream way that doesn't exploit them. We are developing a center and church in Peru as well as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Mexico that will also be a TV show presenting the big, spiritual picture. 


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