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[Los Angeles] Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine w/ the Yawanawa

  • Collective HQ 3770 Selby Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90034 United States (map)

Join us for an evening of connection, healing and celebration with the Yawanawa lineage from the Amazon Forest.

We feel blessed to invite you to sit with Isku Kua and Pêu in a moment that the planet and ourselves need healing, prayers and truthful respect. From an unique and special place deep in the Amazonian forest, wherein lies a culture of a profound spiritual knowledge which has been passed down for generations, since time immemorial.

We are honored to have special guests coming from the Brazilian Amazon to share their traditions and knowledge, showing the deep their connection with the healing plants of the world’s most biodiverse region, and a cosmic vision of harmony with the natural cycles of life.

Recently arriving from a four days journey from the Amazon Rainforest, we will have the opportunity to connect and learn from this pure source of wisdom and peaceful energy, while supporting the creation of abundance to their people.

Spiritual leader of the younger Yawanawa generation, organizer of the Festival Yawa and son of Nixiwaka - “New Hope” Village chief’s - Biraci Isku Kua Yawanawa, will bring to the US their lineage’s ancient knowledge and healing, through sacred medicines, songs and transformational activities.

Pêu Yawanawa started his path 16 years ago, when thanks for his curiosity to understand more of the spirituality of his lineage. Being eighteen, he felt the calling to share the wisdom and magic of the plants, deepening his studies through respect and connection to the sacred medicines, he swore to Muká, when was initiated into the shamanic path, to learn how to cure and help his people and others. Nowadays he works with Ayahuasca, Hapé and Kambo, having learned from elders that carried the knowledge and spirituality of so many generations of his lineage. Today he is one of the main Yawanawa spiritual leaders, serving and preparing the medicines.

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7pm Doors Open

7:30pm - 7:45pm Event starts with an introduction by Tony Moss with members of I.AM.LIFE, Aware Project and LAMPS

7:45-9:45pm Yawanawå Presentation, Stories, Live Music & Native Songs/Chants

10pm - 10:30pm Connections

10:30pm Closing

$25 Pre-register online
$35 Door Price

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Synergistically Co-Created by:


I.AM.LIFE is a non-profit event production organization that combines elements of life-affirming art, music, activism, education, community building and media through ritual and ceremony, to create immersive, transformational experiences of interconnectivity and authenticity. Our events are created from and rooted in an appreciation of the Eagle-Condor Prophecy (merging of Western and non-Western/Indigenous Worldviews) to restore a sense of communal relations with the Sacred.


Our aim is to balance the public conversation about psychedelics, spread accurate information, and give a new face to psychedelia.

We feel that this change will occur through connection and relationship, one individual at a time.

We are calling on everyone whose lives have been improved through the mindful use of psychedelics to educate themselves and become ambassadors for the psychedelic experience. Show those around you that people who use psychedelics mindfully cross all social, racial, economic, and political boundaries.


The goal of LAMPS is to create a space to discuss, create and support projects that will lead to eventual legalization and safe integration of entheogens into mainstream health care. The group, which began 2 years ago, meets at UCLA on the first Sunday of every month, unless it falls on or near a holiday. As it is designated a “secret group” on Facebook, new members need to be approved by Brad Adams, the administrator, who can be reached at

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***IAMLIFE Guayusa Tea Lounge, sponsored by WARMI*** an immersive environment utilizing the tea lounge setting as an opportunity to promote and encourage interconnectivity, community, sustainability, environmental stewardship, and preservation of indigenous wisdom.

We serve a tea from Ecuador called “Guayusa” (pronounced “Why-you-sa” or “Gwhy-you-sa”):

Traditional Use

This medicinal leaf has its origins in ritual use in several indigenous “dream cultures” from Ecuador. Typically prepared for a morning dream-sharing ritual, this tea is used to facilitate dream sharing, the planning of the days activities, and general counsel and discussion of the mythology and cosmovision that compose the oral tradition of the people.

Medicinal Qualities

“Drinking guayusa has been found to balance the body’s PH and blood sugar levels, detoxify the blood, improve the functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract, improve digestion and elimination while strengthening the lungs, and to remove cholesterol and balance blood pressure.

Many people find drinking guayusa both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. It is sometimes referred to as ‘dream tea’ for its effect of helping promote lucid dreaming and better dream recall.

Many teas are known to contain antioxidants, which fend off cancer-causing ‘free radicals’ in our bodies. In studies of guayusa, this tea has been found to contain twice the level of antioxidants in green tea and to have one of the highest antioxidant levels known in any food or supplement, second only to raw cacao powder …

Guayusa offers a unique synergistic blend of theobromine, theophyline, guanidine (an amino acid), and caffeine, producing smooth, sustained energy.” ~borrowed from Jonathon Miller Weisberger’s book, Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon

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Street parking is available. Please be mindful of signs. Allow extra time if you can, as finding a space can be difficult.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This group is being designed as a secure space. It is not a place to seek, encourage, or participate in the procurement of controlled substances. Do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or swap information on how to buy them. Members who violate these basic house rules will be removed from the group and will not be allowed to attend future events.