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[San Diego] Preparation and Integration in Addiction Recovery with Ibogaine

  • Rooted Kava Bar 1731-33 University Avenue San Diego, CA, 92103 United States (map)


The Aware Project ( hosts a series of monthly Psychedelic Awareness Salon events in Los Angeles and San Diego. We are creating a connected and educated community that feels passionately about balancing the conversation about psychedelics.

The Importance of Preparation and Integration in Addiction Recovery with Ibogaine, a talk by Tyler Fink.

Time: 7pm-10 pm
Place: Rooted Kava Bar in Hillcrest. (Parking should be reasonable, we made sure of this!).


Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic medicine that facilitates in the healing process of addiction, PTSD and depression through a physiological resetting of the brain as well as profound personalized visions and deep introspective thought of one’s own life, and their relationship with the world around them. Ibogaine can act as one of the most powerful tools available in helping transcend addiction and the debilitating obstacles present in one’s life. However, what a person does for the weeks leading up to, and months following ibogaine treatment are crucial and can be the ultimate factor which dictates the overall effectiveness and break-throughs gained through the experience. Therefore, coaching and aftercare is of paramount importance in the overall transformational process. Through this extremely intense and difficult experience, ibogaine acts as an interrupter in a person’s addiction, and offers profound and lasting healing potential. Transformational recovery coaching provides the afflicted person with the necessary tools to help them prepare for, navigate through, and then practically integrate the experience into their day-to-day lives. This journey is a step-by-step process, and Tyler will breakdown that process through a spiritual, scientific and pragmatic lens which will be easily digestible to understand.


Tyler battled his way through a 10-year IV opiate addiction before reconnecting with his true self and overcoming his demons. Through his process of transformation, Tyler found solace and reinforcement through surfing, yoga, meditation and alternative spiritual modalities such as ibogaine and other plant medicines to reconstruct his outlook on life. Tyler has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and has been working with Ibogaine for the past 2 years with various facilities including Crossroads Ibogaine Center. Tyler is now helping build an Ibogaine referral program called Ibogaine Central that works with multiple Ibogaine Centers around the world to offer a more personalized care of treatment across the spectrum of pricing, structure and amenities. Tyler is also a certified transformational recovery coach and contracts with the recovery coaching company Being True To You, which specializes in one-on-one preparation and integration through ibogaine and other psycho-spiritual modalities in the treatment of addiction, PTSD and depression. 


Tickets are $15 presale, or $20 at the door. There are a limited number of Volunteer tickets available. Please contact if you wish to volunteer and attend the event for free.



IMPORTANT NOTICE: This group is being designed as a secure space. It is not a place to seek, encourage, or participate in the procurement of controlled substances. Do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or swap information on how to buy them. Members who violate these basic house rules will be removed from the group and will not be allowed to attend future events.