Microdosing: Integrating Psychedelics Into Modern Life

Microdosing: Integrating Psychedelics Into Modern Life

Join founder of The Third Wave, Paul Austin, for an evening of discussion, insight, and entertainment revolving around the topic of microdosing psychedelics. Microdosing has been hot as of late, popping up in nearly every mainstream media outlet, major publishing houses, and even in primetime TV shows. But WHY has microdosing gained so much popularity in such a brief period of time? And what does the concept of microdosing mean for how psychedelic substances will become integrated into our cultural and socioeconomic frameworks? In this evening's discussion, Paul will start with the basics of microdosing, what it is, and how it helps people, and then dive further into why microdosing will be a critical component of increasing psychedelic literacy, thus helping to create a cultural infrastructure for altered states of consciousness.

Whether you're an avid microdoser yourself, or you've never heard of the topic before, you will leave from this event with a clear understanding of why microdosing is an important tool for overall well-being, and how we can use it as both individuals and communities to facilitate healing, growth, and awareness.

Paul is committed to changing the cultural conversation about psychedelics through his platform, The Third Wave. Because of his work with microdosing, Paul has been featured in Rolling Stone and Business Insider, with additional pieces in the New York Times, Playboy, and Lifehacker. In June 2015 Paul began his first microdosing protocol. Immediately, he noticed improvements in his energy levels, creativity, and general sense of well-being. The impact of microdosing was so profound on his life that Paul wanted to help others understand how microdosing could be used as a tool for personal growth and understanding.

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