Getting the word out: The Healing Powers (of Weed, Psych & OMP)


2018 February 20: Such a pleasure to have friend of the Aware Project, Mareesa Stertz, share

Getting the word out: Filming 'The Healing Powers (of Weed, Plants, and Other Mindful Practices)'

Current research reveals how our, (and our ancestor's) experiences are stored in our body on a physical and cellular level. e receive no manual how to process tse experience, and the results of these unprocessed traumas can be seen in the dire state of the world. Of course, psychedelics and mind altering practice re proving incredibly effective in eaching us how to process, and operate in a more authentic aligned manner, but the stigma from the war on drugs, laws, and general lack of education make it challenging to gain access. The Healing Powers (of weed, plants, and other mindful experiences) is a documentary serie that seeks to change that. Join us in a preview screening of The Healing Powers and a discussion where we explore what needs to happen to bring more people to the conversation on psychedelics.

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Mareesa Stertz is a LA based filmmaker, host, and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who's created the documentary series, "The Healing Powers (of Weed, Plants, and Other Mindful Practices). She has spent her entire life on a journey of personal growth and in the last five years, has traveled the world to document stories that share how mind-altering practices have the power to shift consciousness and improve lives. She is passionate about informing the public, helping people gain access to healing, and ending this war on drugs. Mareesa’s work has been featured by Viceland, 60SecDocs, IFC, SPIN, Participant and has been shown in numerous film festivals around the world.

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