Embodying the Healthy Masculine Through Plant Medicine

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Embodying the Healthy Masculine Through Plant Medicine

Join us for a panel conversation about the intersection of Masculinity and Medicine with panelists: Reginald McKiver, Belinda Woolfson, Enrico Moses, Aubert Bastiat & moderated by Preston Lopez. We will discuss what it is to be masculine in today's world, the role systematic structures play, what needs to be nourished in men as we shift into ever more integrated ways of being, and how medicine can support this process.

Reginald Mckiver began his career in the United States Navy from 1991 until 1998, where he was involved in several operations with commendations. He joined the Bennettsville, South Carolina Police Department in 1997 and climbed to the rank of Lieutenant and Commander of Night Operations. He served as a member of the Special Operations And Response Team, and concurrently ran an award winning boot camp for at risk children for 11 years. He was featured on the Dr. Oz show and appears on talk shows and radio shows such as ABC, NBC and CBS raido to share his gift with the world.

Belinda Woolfson is a coach, healer, energy worker, storyteller and facilitator. She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and meditation teacher and has a background in the Shamanic Arts. She works one on one with both men and women to build a deep sense of self trust within themselves by integrating their feminine and masculine. She leads retreats and workshops to help people unlearn societal belief systems and programming in an effort return back to a more truthful, ancient way of being.

Enrico Moses is a creative entrepreneur and artist. He has a diverse background in business and entertainment and he currently focuses on helping other creative entrepreneurs and artists build their digital brand, develop financial abundance, and live fulfilling lives. He is an advocate of cannabis culture and the intentional use of this plant medicine for creative expansion.

Aubert Bastiat is a men's work facilitator, HeartMath Certified coach and Co-Founder of Sacred Sons, an emerging voice in the collective movement of healthy masculinity which honors the sacred dimension of our existence as essential in our embodiment of mature masculinity. He has facilitated healing and consciousness transformation for individuals and groups using a synthesis of non-denominational core shamanic practices as disseminated by Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Inner Guidance somatic processing as taught by Amara Samata, the theories and techniques of individual and group psychotherapy and medicine work.

Preston Lopez, MS is a coach, activist, and medicine practitioner. He integrates Cannabis, mindfulness, and coaching techniques to support individuals, couples, and groups tap into their passion, unlock their creativity, and embody ever more integrated ways of being. Preston began his journey into men's work in 2007 with the Mankind Project, an international non-profit organization that supports men develop their emotional intelligence, bring their lives into integrity, and build strong communities of support. He has been mentored by Daniel McQueen of Medicinal Mindfulness and completed the Psychedelic Sitters School program based in Boulder, CO.

Opening story telling by Buck Angel.