[Los Angeles] DOSED - Feedback Screening

DOSED - Feedback Screening

DOSED at the Chinese Theatre, June 23, one day only!

After many years of prescription medications failed her a suicidal woman turns to underground healers to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine like magic mushrooms and iboga.

Check out the Trailer for DOSED: https://www.facebook.com/DosedMovie/videos/363976790993813/

After the movie there'll be a Q&A and an opportunity to go to a restaurant down the street to meet the filmmakers Tyler Chandler & Nicholas Meyers as well as addiction and psychedelics experts from the film and psychedelic community. Members of Aware Project: Rethinking Psychedelics, Decriminalize California, and PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Experience Integration will be in attendance too!