[Los Angeles] Becoming a Voice for the Plants

Becoming a Voice for the Plants

Becoming a Voice for the Plants

Adam Roa and Azrya Cohen have been in a deep communion with altered states of consciousness for the past seven years. Beginning with forays into psychedelics through the burning man community, both Adam and Azrya continually found deeper insight, purpose and clarity of vision through working with these substances in an intentional way. Five years ago, Ayahuasca became the umbilical cord that connected them back to the source of who they are and launched them on an accelerated growth trajectory that has led them to being the conscious artists they are today. During this talk, Adam and Azrya will share the step-by-step journey they’ve been on to turn Media into Medicine, and use their background in filmmaking and storytelling to elevate human consciousness as shepherds of humanity through a global phase shift of Awakening to Empathy.

Adam Roa is a transformational artist who is committed to using creative energy to catalyze change on the planet. A modern day Renaissance man, Adam is constantly creating a variety of artistic projects, including conscious film, music, and spoken word poetry. On a quest to discover what it means to be an empowered man, he is known for sharing his journey with radical authenticity on his reality-based Youtube show, "The Art of Choosing Love" as well as his podcast, "The Deep Dive with Adam Roa". www.AdamRoa.com

Azrya spent the last decade in Hollywood as an actress, writer, producer and director. A modern day media medicine woman, she facilitates transformation for influencers and world changers through activating humanity to remember their innate A.I. (Ancient Intelligence). Her voice acts as a potent technology to bring dormant DNA online and open portals into other realms.

Azrya is here to shepherd humanity through the growing pains of awakening to multidimensional awareness with humor and grace. www.iAzrya.com

Blu, a medicine woman who sings straight from the voice of the plants.