Awakening from a Coma

Psychedelic Awareness Salon Alex Banach

2017 February 23: Aware Project San Diego was excited to host Alex Banach to share his story of a near death experience and his transformation through psychedelics through the lenses of his neurobiology education.

TITLE: Awakening from a Coma

TALK DESCRIPTION: After a battle with depression and an attempted suicide, Alex found himself waking up from a 6 day coma. His near death experience transformed him, leading him on a path of exploring entheogenic medicines and the artistic expression they inspired. As a former research associate of neurobiology at UC San Diego, Alex will discuss some of the scientific research and therapeutic potential for ayahuasca to treat depression and improve mental wellbeing. He will also share about how plant medicine can cultivate art as a healing modality and create a safe space for growth, empowerment, and personal expression. Alex believes the position of art in society, rather than being a dispensable luxury, is instead a key to unlocking the great mysteries of neuroscience.

BIO FOR ALEX BANACH: Alex Banach is an artist and freelance photographer. Formally a research associate of neurobiology at U.C. San Diego, a near-death experience inspired a departure from the objective confines of science. Alex pursued self-expression through art as a means to explore topics of ineffability, and as grounds for social activism. Alex’s intention is to share his inspiration, experiences, and knowledge of brain and behavior for the purpose of empowering others to act upon their own vision, and to become the change they wish to see.

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