Kambo: Frog Doctor of the Amazon

edward deull kambo frog medicine

2017 June 8: Aware Project San Diego presents Kambo: Frog Doctor of the Amazon
a talk by Edward Deull


In this talk Edward will offer a comprehensive look into the magic and medicine of kambo. We'll delve into the history and science of kambo, discuss application and effects, tribal traditions, spiritual aspects, and how it is successfully being used to treat a myriad of maladies in modern society. As kambo is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States, there is a plethora of sometimes conflicting information available online. This presentation aims to provide a clear and accurate overview of the many crucial elements to consider when deciding to receive kambo.


Edward Deull is an IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners) trained and certified kambo practitioner. Edward has been working closely with kambo for two and a half years and offered hundreds of treatments to people seeking relief from a vast variety of afflictions and guidance on their spiritual path. Edward has worked with recovering addicts at a rehabilitation center and facilitates kambo retreats throughout the U.S. and Canada.