Psychedelic Storytelling - Blue Dot Tour

After the conference and festivities in SF, members of Psymposia continued their West Coast psychedelic storytelling tour and the Aware Project was excited to host them in Los Angeles and San Diego! We screened 'A New Understanding – the Science of Psilocybin' exploring the treatment of anxiety in terminally ill cancer patients using psilocybin to facilitate deeply spiritual experiences.


psymposia blue dot tour psychedelic storytelling

Psychedelic Stories & Film Screening

(Blue-Dot Tour)

A night of Psychedelic Stories!

Then hear and share personal tales of breakthrough, transformation, terror, hilarity, and weirdness.




Lorenzo Hagerty Psychedelic Salon psymposia

Lorenzo Hagerty

Host of the Psychedelic Salon podcast


Miachael Wood LEAP Psymposia

Michael A. Wood, Jr.

Retired Baltimore police officer & USMC veteran who speaks out against police brutality and led Veterans for Standing Rock

Jason Louv Psymposia

Jason Louv

Author, journalist, and explorer of the world’s magical and occult traditions



Elizabeth Bast Heart Medicine iboga psymposia

Elizabeth Bast

Heart Medicine: Iboga for Addiction, PTSD, Art, & Love

Tricia Eastman psymposia

Tricia Eastman

Facilitator of international 5-MeO-DMT, iboga, and peyote ceremonies