Psychedelic Soul Retrieval


2016 December 8: The Aware Project San Diego and Consciousness Hacking San Diego were proud to present: 'From Anguish to Awakening: The Art and Science of Psychedelic Soul Retrieval' a talk by Eric Sjoberg.

TITLE: “From Anguish to Awakening: The Art and Science of Psychedelic Soul Retrieval”



In indigenous cultures, the shamans understood that when a person experiences a trauma, whether physical or emotional, it is possible that their soul will fragment and leave them, seeking safety until healing is possible. In modern psychology, this is called dissociation.

This talk briefly explores the difference between psychedelic psychotherapy and more traditional shamanic plant medicine experiences, and the benefits and limitations of each. We have the opportunity now to integrate shamanic practices and current psychological trauma, somatic, and attachment therapy, and to bring awareness to the distinction and overlap of these modalities to the healing of trauma and the awakening of consciousness.



Eric Sjoberg, Somatic Educator, received years of psychedelic psychotherapy for his own trauma, and continues to deepen the integration of his own soul retrieval. He has facilitated psychedelic integration for those seeking to understand, heal, and awaken from traumatic experiences in the context of (previous) psychedelic experiences since 2005. He is bringing his particular flavor of Somatic Education to the therapists in the current MDMA Phase 3 study, which is slated to legalize MDMA. He is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, bodyworker, mindfulness meditation teacher, psychonaut, men’s work facilitator, and author of the upcoming book “Power, Love, and Presence: the Journey to Wholeness”