Myth of Myself

Myth of Myself

2016 July 12: July is shaping up to be a burst of creativity! Starting with Jason Robert Winfield performing, 'Myth of Myself – An Evening with Alan Watts'.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: After hearing an audio recording of British philosopher Alan Watts lecturing on Western Consciousness, Nature and Man, Jason became obsessed with memorizing Watts’s compelling talk. This innocent exercise in memorization eventually became the live solo show: Myth of Myself – An Evening with Alan Watts. Performed word-for-word from that original talk, Jason and director, Jenn Dees, have developed a novel and interactive 45 minute show that illuminates Watts’s discourse. With the use of simple exercises, walking and even shadow play, Myth of Myself spiritedly invites audiences to not just listen but to engage with Watts’s profound work and ideas about Western Consciousness.

Myth of Myself is currently touring secret locations across the country. For more info, please visit: http://www.jas

Check out the trailer!

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BIO: Born and raised in Virginia, Jason Robert Winfield is a Los Angeles based actor, writer and explorer. He performs in film, TV and live on stage in plays, musicals, and experimental works. Currently he is touring Myth of Myself – An Evening with Alan Watts and developing a new one-to-one show based on a work by the Strugatsky brothers and Andrei Tarkovsky. Jason loves collaboration, daydreams, natural movement, and geography.

myth of myself

Director Jenn Dees is a theatre maker, arts educator, and production manager based in Los Angeles. As a theatre maker, Jenn has developed and presented original works for solo performance in Boston and New York exploring topics of disability. As a performer, Jenn has appeared in many works by Andrew Ondrejcak (The Public Theatre), Papo Colo (EXIT ART), filmmaker Gary King (What’s Up Lovely), and individual works by Carlos Soto/Charles Chemin (PERFORMA09), Dennis McNulty (PERFORMA11), and Ann Hamilton/SITI Company (The Park Avenue Armory). As a production manager, Jenn has coordinated multiple projects for Andrew Ondrejcak, (Prelude Festival, SCAD Museum of Art, The Kitchen), and assisted The Industry with the site-specific opera Invisible Cities. Jenn has an M.A. in Arts.

ABOUT ALAN WATTS: Alan Wilson Watts was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. (Taken from Wikipedia)

myth of myself

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