Cognitive Liberty

Psychedelic Awareness Salon
Psychedelic Awareness Salon

2016 Jun 13: Merrill Ward travels from Ashland, OR to share an extended version of the talk he gave at the Exploring Psychedelics Conference in April 2016.

TITLE: Cognitive Liberty & the Freedom of Consciousness Freedom & Liberty are two of the most profound principles and ideals that our country is founded upon. Yet, our freedom of consciousness & thought and how we choose to safely altar and influence our consciousness; especially in terms of the utilization of new emerging technologies, psychedelic medicines and entheogenic sacraments, is not currently recognized as a protected right within the United States and most of the world. The continuing draconian policies and repression caused by our country and the world’s 40+ year, failed “War on Drugs” continues to cause irreparable damage to the health & well-being of our society while imprisoning millions for minor drug related offenses. It is high time for a change in our country’s drug policy and for a dynamic re-thinking and shift of our approaches to these vital issues. Join Merrill Ward for a serious look and deep discussion regarding this vital subject that impacts us all.

BIO: Merrill Ward is a staunch proponent of cognitive liberty and a passionate advocate for the safe and responsible use of entheogens for engendering direct spiritual experience. He possesses the rare gift of exquisitely articulating deep esoteric wisdom and transmitting this wisdom through ceremony, ontology, noetic experiences, and profound metaphor. Merrill has been deeply involved in the Western Mystery School tradition and comparative world religions for over 20 years. He is an ordained gnostic priest, ritualist, teacher and student of the spiritual philosophies of Thelema and Hermeticism. He is the founder of Awakening Divinity Ministries, serves as the Chief Enlightenment Officer of the Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment Institute in addition to being an ordained Bishop of the Gnostic Catholic Church and a conscious and loving father.

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