920 Coalition: Mushrooms are Medicine

2015 September 20:

The Aware Project partnered with the 920 Coalition (www.920coalition.org) to highlight how "Mushrooms are Medicine".

"The 920 Coalition is organizing dozens of events on 9/20/2015 in the US and around the world focused on recent research on the role of psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms in our society and health care system. We are a collaboration of non-profit organizations and individuals, we hope you'll join us!"

Our speakers were Brad Adams PhD and Ryan Obreczarek. Brad received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology at USC. He is currently working with Drs. Charles Grob (www.heffter.org/board-grob.htm) and Dennis McKenna (www.heffter.org/board-mckenna.htm) on a study in the Sacred Valley of Peru using Ayahuasca.

Ryan is an aspiring psychedelic research administrator. Currently working as a financial analyst in the Clinical Research Unit in UCLA’s Department of Medicine. Ryan manages over 75 active Phase I & II clinical trials in oncology. His goal is to help establish a department dedicated to psychedelic research at UCLA.

For their talk, they give an overview of current research on psilocybin and 'magic' mushrooms, as well as, Brad's current project on Ayahuasca.

We also got a sneak peak at the new web series Shepherds, a series about a hippie and an ex-pharmaceutical researcher who begin to operate an illegal magic mushroom therapy clinic.

AND we were graced with the heavenly music by

Beautiful Chorus

Listen to them here: