Bicycle Day LA 2015

April 18-19, 2015: The Aware Project was thrilled at how many amazing people came together to create Los Angeles' first (as far as we know!) Bicycle Day L.A. event!  In honor of the occasion, our vision was to create a space to celebrate and explore the impact that psychedelics have made on creativity, medical science, community, environmentalism, and spirituality. We strive to engage in a balanced conversation about the use of psychedelics and the influence they have played on our society & culture. We hosted prominent visionary art, engaging talks, talented performers, and thumping soulful beats. It was an opportunity to learn, celebrate, and foster community conversation.

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Amy Bicycle Day Los Angeles celebrates LSD

Amy Ralston Povah

Faith over Fear

Amy Ralston Povah is an award winning filmmaker, drug war veteran, and pardon recipient under President Clinton. She served 9 years and 3 months on a 24 year sentence for MDMA conspiracy and credits MDMA for giving her the strength and comfort she needed to survive a journey that she claims was a test between good and evil.

Erica Bicycle Day Los Angeles celebrates LSD

Erica Siegal

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Erica Siegal, M.S.W., is a research assistant on a MDMA-assisted psychotherapy clinical trial at Los Angeles BioMedical Research Institute and works as a mindfulness meditation practitioner at Alternatives Addiction Treatment Centers based in Beverly Hills, CA. Erica is also a volunteer with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) doing community outreach and works within their festival-based harm-reduction program, the Zendo Project.

Joanne Bicycle Day Los Angeles celebrates LSD

JoAnne Rees Ehlinger

The Benefits of Ibogaine and 5MeO DMT Use for Addiction Recovery and the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD.

JoAnne Rees Ehlinger, MA Spiritual Psychology, has 20+ years of experience with addiction recovery as well as coaching and mentoring others in spiritual healing modalities. She has been working with plant medicines for over 6 years and is currently the Director of Clinical Outreach, Business Development for Crossroads Treatment Center, a medically supervised ibogaine clinic in Mexico that offers ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT for addiction recovery, as well as, psychospiritual healing.


Rachel Bicycle Day Los Angeles celebrates LSD

Rachel Kann is a TEDx poet who has shared her words on international stages and locally at venues such as Royce Hall, and been featured on shows like KPFK’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, and Welcome to Night


Galt is a spoken rhythm word artist who  specializes in prompted improvisation. He also teaches his techniques in a workshop called Divine Rhyme at the Love Dome in Venice, CA.